I seen this boxer for weeks on end never in a fence tied up she just roamed the neighbor hood she looked very hungry so I WENT ON THE HUNT TO FINE OUT WHO OWED HER I did fine out and they let me have her she is a very good dog she dose tricks doesn't use the rest room in the house . she doesn't (bark) at all is there something wrong ?should i do something different ? isn't normal for a dog to bark ?I DON'T NO her past could this mean she was abused ?

Samantha, there is no way I could say whether she was abused or not because I do not know the people that gave her to you.

If they willingly gave her to you, then talk to them personally, and ask about her history. You can judge for yourself if what they say is true or not by deduction.

As far as not barking, not all dogs bark but, usually a Boxer will bark at a doorbell or knocking at the door to alert their family as they are protectors-- but if she doesn't bark it could be she was prohibited from barking, etc., I can not say...........

The first thing is to determine if she can hear and speak (bark).

Does she come when called, respond when petting and talking to her? Does she make any sounds when playing with the family?

If she cannot hear, she will not speak usually, but some deaf dogs will to some degree..............

Take her to the vet to check her up; the deafness, etc. if so, shots, deworming, determine her age and general health, etc.


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