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Hi! I'm Ryan, I live here in the Philippines. My wife and I been wanting to buy or adopt a Purebred Male Brindle Boxer(8weeks-8months old). But seeing some website here in our country I can tell that we are not really sure if the pups are the real deal. We've been thinking twice.
My questions are..
1. Can I buy or Adopt a Boxer in US or other country? How?
2. How will be the process? and How much would it be?
3. Is is it safe for my 9months old boy to have a Boxer around?

Thank you..

I do not recommend a Boxer for you.


1) You know absolutely nothing about the breed

2) You cannot properly care for a Boxer when you have no clue to the breed's needs

3) I never recommend a dog with a baby and 9 months old is a baby

Abandon the idea all together.

No dogs with a baby in the house. Wait until the child is 5-6 years old and can learn about proper handling of a dog and it's responsibilities that come along with a dog.

A baby needs a stuffed teddy bear- not a dog.

No dog for your household at this time. And certainly, no Boxer to any household with no knowledge of the breed.


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