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My boxer is almost 2 years old & recently she's been head-butting her cage a lot. She's been head-butting the door until she pops it open & then she feels the need to get into everything around the house. We're afraid to leave her alone because she's recently started having seizures & we're not sure what to do about caging her if we have to leave home. What should we do?

First, I'd like to address the seizures. Has you taken her to the vet to determine the cause; epilepsy, neurological problems, etc.?????????????????

That is the utmost concern.

Secondly, send she has seizures and has recently started head-butting the cage door; there can be two possible scenarios; one) she has learned that she can do it (has successfully popped it open before) and will continue to try to open it, and two) it could be caused by her neurological/seizure disorder; she is afraid of being confined due to her illness...........

Boxers still behave as puppies until between 2-3 years of age. So, it is not surprising she "gets into things." That should have been addressed when she was younger to help prevent that behavior.......

How long is she crated? All day (while you are at work)??????

Just sometimes as you run errands??????????

Since there is a health issue, you will not be able to crate her. You will need to puppy-dog-proof a room and put up a gate (a dog gate is made for this purpose; not a "baby gate") and leave her in there with her indestructible toys (KONG toys, etc., so she cannot choke and hurt herself; the indestructible toys are critical)... and leave her in there for 10 minutes while you step outside as if going somewhere.

When you return, praise her and give her a special treat (one she usually does not get; save these for this purpose), and let her out......

Do this every day until you are confident.

Get her to a vet for the seizures-- no dog can be left alone when history of seizures until on medication.


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