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Boxers/split toenail open, skin is open


my boxer split is nail and it is now an open wound.  the bottom half has now come off.  It is red and seems to be very painful for him.  I put peroxide on twice yesterday and again today.  I call the animal hosp and we would need to pay at the time of service $200 before he could be treated.  Is there anyway I can take care of this myself?

First of all, without a vet's care, it could become infected and worsen the matter-- which would end up even more expensive.

If you insist on handling it yourself, you must continue to treat it with hydrogen peroxide and Betadine (a common item in your local pharmacy) diluted with clean water until it is the color of weak tea. Pour it gently over the wound, or, if you have a clean spray bottle, you may use this, then use a gauze wrap  and buy Co-Flex Self Adhesive Bandage 4in x 5yd Assorted Colors - Single Roll by Co-Flex to the foot completely in order to prevent infection.......... you can buy it at a pharmacy or local pet store: look online at Amazon for the picture and information:

I would invest in the necessary items above and change gauze and flush with hydrogen peroxide and the Betadine solution 3 times a day. Leave unwrapped while inside the house for an hour at a time he is quiet and calm, in order to expose to air. If he should lick the nail however, I would keep it gauzed and Co-Flexed wrapped.

If there is no improvement within a week-- take him to your vet.


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