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arthur has a heart murmur, was diagnosed as a young pup, he has had a great life, but has had a few seizures, when out walking him , he has gone down on me, like fainting, the last time was the worse he was shaking at the front and froth like bile coming from his mouth, i also sit with him till ok to get him back to car. the vet has seen him, apparently he has had heart attack and little seizures, he also had fluid on the lung, which was cleared up with tablets. what is the best thing i can do for my best friend arthur. is he in any pain , he is having trouble at night now getting settled down, and very noisy with his breathing , which apart from the usual snozing boxers do, this is quite worrying for me, he is with me 24/7

I am so sorry for Arthur.

A heart murmur has nothing to do with his seizures and frothing up bile or fluid in his lungs. Vomiting bile is a serious sign of kidney failure.  

I am absolutely shocked that your vet said he has had "heart attacks and little seizures."

That is not an answer or diagnosis.

You need a vet that will run test on his heart and lungs, and also address neurological problems: neurological problems cause seizures, not heart attacks.

I understand you are in the UK, but vets in the US would not dismiss such a problem.

If you cannot get a vet that properly test him, properly diagnose him, properly treat him in order to help him be healthy as possible with problems, free of pain and possible future seizures and problems breathing, then you must decide to allow a vet to put him to sleep.

I feel that fluid in his lungs is either pneumonia or congestive heart disease. It is also a sign of serious heart worms and I don't know if you give him a monthly heart worm pill or not. I feel his seizures are epilepsy or caused by other neurological problems, and his heart attacks a serious matter to address: heart murmur do not cause heart attacks.

You probably should not take him out in your car just to walk him. Don't you have a yard? If not, can't you walk him outside your home in case something happens?

You should adjust your life and previous schedule with him to accommodate his health issues he currently has.

Get a NEW vet that will resolve this once and for all or face serious consequences.


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