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I have 2 boxers, 1 is 9 months, the other is almost 2. The  older one can not hold down his food. He has vomited while eating or immediately after eating, then comes to his bowl for more food. He is still active and will bark like normal. His routine has change slightly due to us remodeling our house. Could that have something to do what his eating habits also .

Hello Jerry, I am in Texas too!

Vomiting after eating can lead to serious problems; dehydration, weight loss, etc., and the problems that come from those......

It is possible he has some type of obstruction blocking his esophagus or in his stomach....... and could be from your remodeling going on; ate something in the construction material, or inhaled toxic fumes of materials, etc.

Please get him to a vet immediately. In the meantime, let him drink baby Pediolyte (generic brand okay, and no flavors, clear only) to help prevent dehydration from vomiting, and you can feed him plain whole yogurt (plain, no flavors) which he probably will keep down since it is such a watery-type consistency... and will help nourish him in the meantime........

The vet should take x-rays of his digestive system from head to bowel. Hopefully, it will be something simple to take care of.

Remember, if he needs surgery to remove a foreign object, tell your vet that he or she CANNOT use Acepromazine!!!!

And, I recommend joining the forums!

Please let me know what the vet discovered in a "follow-up."

Good luck!  


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