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I have a 4 year old boxer, Bella, who will be entering her 5th cycle.  Is she too old to breed?  Bella is a health fawn.  The male boxer stud will not be available until Bella's 6th cycle. She will be almost 5 years old then.  If she is not too old to breed, one time, can I have her spayed for benefits to her?  Bella's vet who has retired this passed year it spaying Bella after her 5th cycle will not benefit her. I appreciate any advice or suggestions you can give to me. Bella needs to come first.

Thank-you, Stephanie

It is recommended breeding between 2-3 years of age.

Also, most importantly, a vet needs to thoroughly check her for hypothyroidism, her heart, check for hip dysplasia (x-rays will show any beginning deterioration), mammary (breasts) for lumps and possible cancer (older unspayed females can have mammary cancer), bones (signs of arthritis), teeth (good, general health with no deterioration of teeth and gums at her age), eyes, etc..........

Being pregnant, whelping, then nursing puppies and caring for them, is extremely physically draining and also emotionally for the bitch.

Newborn care is extremely important and you must be well educated on caring for the puppies (it is NOT as easy as the general public thinks; too much goes wrong; regulating their body temperature, supplemental feeding if necessary, caring for all their needs including elimination (they cannot pee or poop on their own until 3 weeks old) in case mother refuses to care for them (it can happen and often does)...... and before that-- whelping puppies: what are the signs of trouble and need c-section (?) what do you do when one (or more) are breech (feet first) (?) how do you know ALL puppies have been born (and none left inside her or dead inside her) (?) what do you do if a puppy is in distress at birth (?) ... and I could go on and on............

I highly recommend NOT breeding her at the age of 4-5 years old, and highly recommend having her spayed now.

Spaying helps prevent mammary (breasts) cancer and uterine cancer which Boxers are susceptible of as well as other illnesses and diseases as they age. She is mid-life right now........their average life span is only 10 years which is shorter than other breeds that live 13-14-15 years.

She is like our 40+ by the time you said you wanted to breed her. No one should have a "litter" at 40+ age....

Please reconsider this and adopt a Boxer if you intend to have another.

"Back yard" breeding (people like us with no kennels as reputable breeders have) DOES NOT make any money whatsoever!

By the time you have paid the vet for her check up(s) during pregnancy, the cost of high protein puppy food to feed her during her pregnancy, additional high protein supplements (according to your vet if he or she recommends) whelping (emergency vet care if needed: i.e. c-section) then, the cost of the vet checking all the puppies, their series of vaccinations, tails cropped (in the US), feeding them, and cost of advertising to sell them........ THERE IS ZERO MONEY to be made.

The risks of her life, her health, and the "puppies" to-be, are not worth it.


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