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I have 2 boxer puppies.  One is a 14 week old female and the other is a 10 week old male. I got them both on the same day from 2 different owners. I started potty training right away. My male is doing very well however my female has alot of accidents in the house. I have to take her out more frequently and for longer periods of time. I'm new to potty training a boxer puppy. Ive read up on all kinds of ways to do it and what I dont know is how I should discipline or if I should at all and should I give treats ever time they potty outside or not? What are your suggestion please?

Best potty training is a good schedule: waking in the morning, after eating, and before bedtime, as well as periodically in between. Cut water off 2 hours before bedtime then take them out before retiring for the night.

Puppies can only hold there urine for an average of one hour for every month of age (this is a tongue-in-cheek-rule-of-thumb and not to be used as a concrete rule for all)....

Therefore, a 14 week old puppy equals 3 1/2 months old equals 3 hours, and a 10 week old puppy equals 2 1/2 months old and equals 2 hours: as I said, a rule of thumb and not concrete...

As far as how to house train (potty train), I prefer this method:

If an accident happens inside, get a clean paper towel and wipe up the urine with it and take it outside at the location you prefer the puppies to pee at in your yard, lay in on the ground, then take the puppy outside either on a leash to guide them or loose, and show the puppy the paper towel spot. They will smell the urine soaked paper towel and hopefully pee there. They prefer to pee in there own pee areas until older when they will begin marking each other's pee areas.... girls mark more than males!

If a poo-poo accident occurs inside, use the paper towel to pick it up and lay the excrement outside as you do with the pee paper towel, and take the puppy out to the poo area. The same applies; they prefer their own spot, so keep the two puppies pee and poop areas a little distance apart but general area the same, maybe corner of yard, etc. away from patio or doorway into house...

Also, NEVER discipline a puppy for an inside accident!!!

Reasons: 1) they cannot help it and cannot hold for long 2) they are learning as our own babies learn to use potty chairs for the first time when teaching them 3) discipline makes them afraid they are doing something wrong and they will learn that peeing and pooping is wrong and NOT pee and poop even outside! The ywill think it is wrong no matter where they are at!

I always give a treat to my Boxers (oldest is 9 years old) after going outside regardless. They know they are doing good by eliminating outside and look forward to their reward; it makes it a more enjoyable experience but is extremely helpful when training puppies; they associate the act(s) with reward treats and will do it to receive the treat.

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