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Nursing boxerof 8 puppies 5wks old won't let puppies nurse and she has athink slimey red stuff leakin out of tits thank you

You need to get her to a vet ASAP and that mean immediately!

There are poisons in her milk and is dangerous to her! She needs to get to a vet now!

DO NOT allow her near her puppies at all! They cannot drink her poisonous milk or it will kill them!

You will need to feed them yourself.

Here is a vet approved formula that I have used:

1 can evaporated milk (not condensed milk)

1 cup plain yogurt (no flavors)

4-5 ounces bottled water (or boiled water that is pure and cooled)

1 tablespoon white syrup (Kayro syrup or generic brand)

Mix all except water in blender (there is not even room in blender for water)... do not froth, just blend.

Pour into sealed container(s) and add water and mix.

Feed at room temperature or heated to temperature you would normally heat a human baby's bottle and no warmer (test temperature by squirting some on inner arm as you would your own baby;s formula's temperature testing)..

Feed each puppy one by one with a baby bottle. A normal Evenflo baby bottle is fine.

Be sure to burb puppies after feeding.

To burp a puppy, hold them in your hand stomach side down and pat their back as you would a human baby. Their head needs to be down in case milk comes up and sometimes out of their nose because you do not want them to choke. Of course, have a burb towel handy.

You muse feed them at least every 4 hours or so. Talk with your vet.

Get her to a vet ASAP and get medicine to clear her infection of her teats and milk so she can care for her puppies.


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