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Boxers/2 female boxer mixes


My girlfriend and I have been raising a boxer/pit mix for the past year and a half (she is now 2).  We have just adopted another female boxer mix (4 months old). The little one is currently submissive to the older one, they eat together out of separate bowls, walk together and play together.  We are concerned that there will be a large number of challenges for dominance as she grows.  How much of a concern is this?

Now is the time to begin asserting that you are the "alpha" of the pack.

You don't want the older one to think she is alpha and dominate, nor have the younger one challenge her when she becomes of age (older).

At each feeding time, do this:

Set the dog food bowls on the kitchen counter or table (where you normally feed them at...) and place a cookie or cracker (whatever you want to eat) on the counter or table BEHIND their food bowls...........

Have them sit before you and watch you........ the cookie or cracker without making eye contact with them...

When you are finished, place their food bowls down in front of them and give them a verbal okay to eat.

Do this for awhile.

Pack animals eat AFTER the alpha and WHEN the alpha tells them they can eat.

Then, both dogs will soon learn that YOU are the alpha and not either one of them and therefore, there is no way of them challenging you for the position.

Good luck..

Also, if one becomes aggressive to the other, push the aggressor down to the ground and hold her for a few minutes to make her become submissive to you.

This is how the alpha does others in the pack if they misbehave...


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