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Boxers/Enzo has bloody poop :(


My name is Laura, I have a 9 month old boxer pup named Enzo. My Big Guy is having some VERY scary GI issues and his vet "has hit a wall" as she says. For about 4 months now he has had cronice bloody diarrhea. it started out with a change in his food. It started after he got into a crock pot full of meatballs and we had to take an emergancy trip to the ER vet to induce vomiting because he was so distended I was concerned about a flip of his intestions. After I put him on a bland rice diet for 2 weeks then put him on Blue Buffalo Salmon and Rice. He started with the bloody, green squirts. I thought it would be caused by the change in his diet so I waited two weeks and it seemed to get worse so we paid his vet a nother visit. To make a VERY long story short we have still not had much improvement at all. His stool is still mushy (although it is now a lighter shade of brown) and he still has blood is his stool DAILY. We haev tested for every parasite, giardia, stool samples (3 of them), blood work, parvo, you name it and his vet has tested for it and all results have come back negative. We put him on Royal Canin GI, Gi low fat, Gi high energy soft and dry. We have tried imodium, metronidazole, pro biotics, and a few other things. (This has been such a log process and so many things have be done its hard to remember which ones off the top of my head). So now he is not taking any medication, and I have put him on Nutro nat sensitive stomach venison and brown rice formula and he is STILL haveing the same issue. I am out of money, recourses and ideas. Help please.

It could be many different problems...... and, I might add, I recommend having his medical records (and tests results) transferred to a new vet. A different vet has a new set of eyes and might even know what it is that is causing this and what to try next (or test next) where the old vet has given up......

Also, try the dog food; Innova Fish, as it does not contain grains..... grain can be a leading cause to sensitive Boxers.... some are sensitive to chicken, any grains, and other ingredients in the best of quality dog food.......

Read these:

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Give him plain whole yogurt (no flavors) on his new food mentioned above that is grain free.... and in another water bowl, mix fresh water and a clear (no flavors) children's Pediloyte and try buying a can of pumpkin and giving him some as a snack. You can also use baby food pumpkin if you wish. Dogs love pumpkin, Pediolte and plain yogurt, so you won't have any issues with that. This is to prevent dehydration and help in healthy digestion too.

Keep me posted as I would like to know if that helped and another diagnosis...


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