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We have a female Boxer, Bella 8 yrs old that is just coming out of heat.  She is an alpha Female. We had planned to breed her but it seems every time she come in cycle she has some accident, run over by a car, found some ant poison, fight with a male dog, run over by a one-ton truck and most recently a bad bag of Pedigree dog food.  We are planning to spade her and calm her down.  Do you have any advice for me??

Gosh, I don't even know where to begin on this..............I am absolutely in shock and will appear to be rude, but, I will apologize in advance and I am praying this is a joke question to shock me and the other Boxer breed experts and Boxer owners:

1)  I am in shock that anyone would even begin to consider breeding a Boxer at the age of eight (8) years old: A Boxer's average life span is only ten (10) years old, therefore, she is around fifty-six ( 56) years old and definitely at the end of her life span right now. Would you want anyone you know to go through a pregnancy and give  birth at the age fifty-six ( 56) years old and only have a couple of years left to live????????????????

2)  Secondly, what is she  (or any dog for that matter) doing running loose to be a) run over by a car,  b) get into ant poison and ingest it,  c) fight with another dog (and he was obviously wanting to mount her and she was not ready to breed in her stage of her estrus heat cycle,  d) and to be run over by a one-ton truck???????????????????  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3)  You obviously do not know very much about Boxers, or maybe any breed of dog at all in general, or you wouldn't allow her  or any dog, to run loose to put her in danger and to even think of breeding her at her late stage of life at eight (8) years old=  her age...........

4)  Spading her at the age of eight ( 8) years old is absolutely ridiculous; she is too old now to take any risks of being put under any anesthesiology as she might not survive the surgery, and also, it should have been done early before her first heat cycle.......

5)  It is an absolute myth that spaying a female dog "calms them down" or even neutering a male dog "calms him down." It only prevents them from wanting to mate, stop the attempted roaming to find a mate (males can smell a female in heat for up to three (3) miles away)... It DOES decreases the chance of cancer of the uterus  in females and testicular cancer in males.............and breast cancers in both genders.............

6)  You do not know enough about Boxers, female estrus cycles, proper breeding age which is two years old minimum and four years old maximum, their average life span which is ten (10) years, not allowing her to roam loose, etc., etc., etc., I could go on and on...........

So educate yourself at legitimate Boxer sites online: Boxer breeder sites, join and and learn as much as you can about the breed, and if you ever want another dog breed, I highly recommend you research the breed first.


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