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Boxers/dark reddish-brown urine


i have a ten year old female boxer.  (spayed)  perfectly healthy, active, eating and drinking right...etc.  about a month ago her urine was dark red!!  vet gave her ammoxicylin, and after 2 weeks on this, the only change was that her urine now looked like dark iced tea.  X-rays showed kidneys and bladder, etc. all good...  vet put her on 'baytril.'  just finished a 2 week cycle of this.  no change!?
vet now wants an MRI.
called the breeder i got her from and she informed me that my dog's mother was recently put down for this very same thing....and that i should consider doing the same before it gets 'worse.'  she also recommended not to start shelling out a lot of money on tests, etc. (does make sense..because x-rays show nothing and antibiotics have done nothing..)
also, my girl seems to have some skin irritation on her tummy, some spots she licks a lot and around her scar from her spay.
of course i love this dog more than words, but spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on tests alone is just too much for us now...
ANY advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!

What did your vet say?

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There has to be a cause, and a vet should be able to diagnose it without any MRI. Try another vet and have her records transferred so you don't have to repeat tests.


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