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before heat
before heat  

day 65
day 65  
I have a female Boxer that went into her first heat at 10 months of age. A few weeks after entering heat my male got a hold of her, but did not get his knot into her but you could see sperm leaking out of her vagina. He only got her that one time, but he has been used for studding a few times and he never had to do it more then once. About a month after he got her i noticed her nipples were huge and decided to watch her because i had a feeling she might be pregnant. I posted pics on a dog breeding and whelping page on Facebook to ask for assistance and everyone thought she was pregnant. She is now at 65 days and some people on there think its a phantom, some think she has a singleton, and some think she has maybe 4. Her breasts are full of milk and leaking, her belly has dropped and is about twice the size it was before she went into heat, i can feel like rolling movements in her belly, and she is constantly nesting now, oh and her temp has dropped from 102-103 down to 98-100 in the last week. I am attaching pics of her from before heat and pics of her today on day 65.

Gestation is 63 days.

If she is at 65 days, she is not pregnant, and her teats are the mature product of her first heat, much like a young girl that begins her menstrual period and develops breasts.

If unsure, take her to a vet.

She does not look pregnant. I have had pregnant bitches before, and yours simply looks like she;s growing up.

By the way, do not breed until she is two years old. Find a way to keep her safe from males.  


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