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My boxer has this rash all over his skin.... I didn't notice that it was a rash until I pet his head and he had this raised bloody/scaley like area... it worried me immediately and I thought it was maybe a "hot spot" then I noticed that he has this red spotty like hives/rash all over his body. He is white so u can see areas where the skin is raised very easily. The bumps on his head were there a few days before I realized that it was a problem and the rash everywhere else developed overnight it seemed like. I can tell he is itchy, and when I touch the red areas his skin trembles. I have no idea what this could be. My vet suggested 50 mg of benedryl twice a day. He has had two doses and there has been no noticable improvement. Nothing about his environment or food has changed since we go him last July of 2012. We feed him Nutro's Chicken, oatmeal, and rice food.  Another site suggested yeast... I plan to give him an oatmeal bath tonight. Any other suggestions?! I feel so sorry for him since there is nothing I can do... he kinda has a dirty dog odor...if that helps. Thanks!

Benadryl helps relieve the iching. It does not treat the cause of the problem.

As long as his diet does not contain corn and corn byproducts, then it is not food allergies.

Flea allergy? Maybe. Environmental allergies? Maybe.

Did the vet do a skin scrapping and check it under a microscope? Why didn't the vet know and recognize the rash and its causes? I would not feel too secure with a vet that cannot determine the cause of a skin rash, let alone, just tell you to use Benadryl without getting to the bottom of the problem. A new vet might be in order.

Oatmeal baths and Benadryl should "help" the itching to some degree but will not eliminate it.

Get a new vet.


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