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I have a 4 mo. Male boxer. As long as im home hes fine but when I crate him when I go somewhere he poops an pees in his kennel..It doesnt matter how long im gone 10 mins to a couple of hrs I come home to dog crap that is spread all over his cage including the walls of my house. He does the same thing at night he howls panics an poops..I take him out before I leave but it doesnt matter its separation anxiety.  If i cant get this stopped im gonna sell him. I clean out his cage at least 3/4 times a day. Please help

Separation anxiety can be frustrating. There is an excellent article here about dealing with SA, which starts by teaching the dog that sometimes you are not available to him, even if you're in the house. Once the dog adjusts to this, it is no longer such a big deal that you're not in the house.

While you're working on this process, for those times when you do have to leave him, can you set him up in a small, puppy-proofed room with a small area with newspapers for pottying, and a sleeping area in the opposite corner? In general dogs don't like to eliminate where they sleep, so if he has a separate area to potty he might use it. (At the least, it should save you some clean-up time.) If you don't have a room, an exercise pen ("ex-pen") will work -- consider one with a lid, as Boxer puppies are pretty good at climbing over ex-pens.

There is no easy fix, but if you're willing to dedicate some time to working with him every day you should see some improvement; the more you can work with him, the faster it will go.

Good luck!


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