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My dog is six. He has a lot of allergy issues. However, the most recent are bumps all over his body, they look like hives but some get a scab. He does not itch nor is he scratching. I have watched what I feed him, because I had an allergy test done and know what not to give him. I am going out of my mind because I cannot figure out what he has. The vet did blood work and scraped one of the bumps and looked under the microscope and said nothing to worry about. The blood work did show that his metabolism is low and he takes meds for that. I have given him beastly but the bumps seem to subside but do not go away. I have fed him Purina one since he is a pup. I look forward to your reply. Thank you

First, Purina One is not healthy for dogs with allergies.

You MUST feed him an allergy formula such as chicken and brown rice, duck and brown rice, etc. A blend that has NO corn glutens and NO bi-products.

Check out Wild Blue, Nature's Balance, etc.

Corn, corn meal, corn bi-products, and other bi-products and additives cause skin allergies in Boxers.

Make sure he eats and drinks from stainless steel bowls and not plastic (ceramic is okay).

Bath him in an oatmeal bath; Aveeno Oatmeal Bath is good. Oatmeal shampoos for dogs is best for sensitive skin and for any rashes.

No treats unless they are healthy treats that DO NOT have corn, corn glutens, etc. are as important as his food.

PetCo and other pet stores carry many, many brands of healthy foods; go and read ingredients and choose one that has NO corn, corn glutens, bi-products and additives.

Any vet that says " there's nothing to worry about" is not doing their job. Skin disorders and rashes ARE something to worry about because something is CAUSING it, therefore, the cause needs to be addressed and eliminated.

The proper food is the key.


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