my 9 year old white boxer keeps peeing in the house! It's been going on a while now and is more frequent.  Also one of her nipples have swelled but now not as big looking any ideas?  Im an unemployed mother of two!  My poor dog :(

9 years old is at end of life for a Boxer.

She could possibly have incontinence, just as our elderly people have and wear Depends.

You can put doggie incontinence diapers on her, but you said "unemployed" therefore, money might be limited for you. It is worth the money, however.

Swollen nibbles can be a sign of mammary cancer. But, since 9 years old, it could be too late to try to treat at this point. She might be tested for a urinary infection too, to either treat or eliminate that possibility.

I really do recommend taking her to a vet for a wellness checkup and address these issues to the vet.

The doggies diapers will help. There is not much you can do about that condition at her old age.  


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