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Boxers/Cropped Tail Rash or Infection


Dear Jannie

My 2yr old male Boxer has some sort of rash at the tip of his cropped tail. Whenever he has a chance he licks it so now it is irritated and reddish in color. I've been treating it with neosporin  but he doesn't like it. I assume the neosporin burns when I place it on the rash. Do you have any suggestions or do you think I should see a vet? With boxers I'm always concerned about cancer growths.

It is apparent that his cropped tail was done incorrectly and he has the spine part opened and subjective to injury and infection.

A vet crops the tail, leaving excess skin, then sutures the skin, and a few weeks later, removes the stitches, leaving a nicely healed and closed cropped tail that does not become injured and infected.

Take him to a vet and have this corrected.


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