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my son has a boxer whom he got as a pup. The breeder sent her papers in the mail and when we looked them over, saw that her grandmother was also her mother etc...a lot of interbreeding going on. She has bit 3 children, not bad but a bite is a bite. She also has attacked my 2 pugs and 2 cats for no reason. She gets this glazed look in her eyes and just snaps. My son had her fixed and vet also put her on puppy Prozac. This seemed to help for awhile but she just recently bit my son's step daughter. The last resort would be to put her down and none of us want to even consider that. Any suggestions?

Interbreeding does not cause behavior issues. It cause physical conditions such as a deformity like clef palate, etc.

If your son got her as a puppy-- then, he, or you as his mother (if your son is a minor) are responsible for raising the puppy correctly, i.e. socializing, correcting, training, etc.

If you cannot correct her behavior, re-home her to a home that can correct her and train her.

You did not tell me her age, by the way, so how to re-train her behavior is not explainable without age,  what kind of training or lack of, she has had up to this age and bad behavior.


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