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If I am going to breed my male for the second time what do I charge? I've read that I should charge a stud fee and get pick of the litter? He has already produced a litter with this female and he is papered. I want to be fair in asking for stud fee and pick of the litter but to me it seems like a lot?

Hi Nikki,

You're right, that is a lot. A responsible stud owner will charge either a stud fee or a puppy back, not both, and not pick of the litter. (The breeder puts all of their time, effort, and money into the pregnancy, whelping, and rearing the puppies; why would any reasonable person expect them to give away the best puppy in the litter?)

Meanwhile, if you haven't already, please be sure your male is screened for the health problems common in the breed, some of which result in dogs dropping dead at 2-3 years of age. There is of course a lot more to being a responsible stud owner than the stud fee.  


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