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Boxers/teeth grinding in a 5 yr old female boxer


boxer mom wrote at 2008-06-13 07:34:50
We have a boxer who also grinds his teeth. He has been doing it since he was a puppy - although only occasionally at night. He is six now and his teeth are still all in tact. The vet thinks it might just be a habit. As long as your isn't grinding her teeth away I would just keep an eye on it and not worry too much. Boxers tend to be high strung so a little teeth grinding may just go with the personality.

Cissy wrote at 2008-10-26 21:50:28
Thats funny my boxer also has went threw the grinding teeth stage brought him to the vet and they pretty much told us it was a bad habit, and he did it for a while but just stopped doing it on his own, and that was when he was like 6 now he just turned 8 last week and it constently grinding his teeth again.  Its driving me batty!!!  I can't imagine why the boxer would just pick up grinding his teeth for something to do.  I am thinking they are doing it for a reason and I know when he went through this the last time he had ear infection and we had him on antibotics so I am wondering if watever it was the antibotics helped it.  Cuz its like he stopped it cold turkey when he stopped.  If you do find anything please keep us posted so maybe it will help me too.

louise wrote at 2008-11-16 14:42:14
i also have a boxer that grinds his teeth. my vet at first suggested that there may be a problem with liver function but after blood tests pancreatitis was discovered. apparently teeth grinding is associated with discomfort or pain.whilst he was taking medication grinding stopped but a couple of days later he's back to it - i'm thinking he may need another course of whatever he was on. back to the vet tmrow!

bohhemia wrote at 2009-01-07 18:32:40
I have a three year old male boxer that seems to be doing this soon.  Am in the process of contacting the vet to see why, but this post was a helpful read.  Thanks.

Boxer420 wrote at 2009-01-12 23:43:54
I have a six year old female boxer who is grinding her teeth in the same manner, I thought it may be a gum problem, or a restless symdrome, it's winter and she doesn't get as much exercise.

I bought her some "Greenies" and some rawhide chews, but to no avail here I am, I guess I'm going to bring her in for a dental exam... Thanks for the info.

Maria Martinez wrote at 2010-02-20 22:08:38
I am having the same problem with my boxer; she had a tooth pulled out a few months ago, however, she is still grinding her teeth, eventhough we were told that the rest of her teeth are fine.  I may have to take her back to the vet if this continues.

boxermom wrote at 2011-06-11 14:00:33
I just took my 5 year old female boxer to the vet for grinding her teeth...they said everything looks ok, but maybe her teeth are out of line.  I have to take her back in 3 months for another check up if she continues to grind.  I am trying to distract her when she does it, but that is not really working, however she does not do it quit as much...I can't believe that out of nowhere they just start grinding their teeth, but I am glad to hear that we are not the only ones with this problem...thanks for the insight...

Mrs farley wrote at 2012-09-29 17:16:54

I have the same problem with my 7yr old dog. he started grinding his teeth about 8 months ago, the vet put it down to stress, but I just could not believe that because nothing has changed in his life!! then a few months ago the right side of his face was paralyzed he can not blink, move his ear and his lip at one sides hangs lower. We thought he had,had a stroke but the vets said he hasn't because he is fine within himself, then we thought ear infection, or problem with teeth but they said all looks fine . He has been on steroids and antibiotics with no avail. we took him back yesterday and the vet suggested trying a strong pain relief, she said then if he stops grinding his teeth we would know if its stress or pain related. Well I can not believe it the grinding stopped instantly he has not done it for 24hrs now and its normally all the time. I feel like we could be getting somewhere. Just upset that he has been in pain all this time. I did say to the vets are you sure the grinding is not a pain thing, they said never heard that is dogs before!!! yet when you read online it says dogs grind teeth sometimes because of pain. He will be getting his teeth x rayed next week, and fingers crossed we will get to the bottom of this. (so if grinding teeth try pain relieve to rule out they are not in pain anywhere, if the grinding then stops)

Thanks xxx

larry wrote at 2014-12-13 16:56:44
My 4 year old boxer grinding her teeth also.  it turned out to be an ear infection. problem solved  !!!


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