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John Wilkinson wrote at 2014-10-22 08:06:33
Brandon, you gave a GOOD REPLY!  "Definitly a LABOR OF LOVE". I spent estimated $20,000.00 on my 40 + 13 "matches". Another small amount on Founding Boxing at Central CT State U [1980 - 92]. >>Fame REF Johnny Callas was WITH US at Central "maybe" you can hook w/him and try to explore PRO REFING WORK? (The amateurs are often paid "FAIR" in Europe & Germany's "Bundesliga" system one "great system"! You MAY talk to me if you like because I am currently in a RING RETURN. But, I am >older< and ALL STATS/WELL/if I did the "whole nine yards" with you on the weight spreads you'd "reason" the record better. I spell it out on my GOOGLE ACCOUNT. I mean, we could "interview one another". I have *certain belief. But, you never know. ALL IN ALL I >once< took a win from someone they went onto #12 high world rating. But, lost matches to people who gained #1 WBC #4 IBF; #4 Wbo Top 30 (two FIGHTERS) WBC, TOP 50 WBC (?Wbc) ( <two) & one in Top 100. And. One other no. 12 too. Boxing GROWS ON YOU. No body "tells me" what to > do < in the RING now. [Unless in practice we have "down Pat"). Mostly, my "team" are only helping me to get INTO CONDITION. > Myself < "instruction" impede me. BUT, everyone's different. Someone else, it could help. & I wouldn't miss it. "COACH"/ OFTEN IS MERE "FRIENDSHIP" ("Big Value" in this world!). Brandon TALKING TO YOU AS YOUR >FRIEND<


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I can answer questions regarding rules for both pro and amateur boxing; upcoming bouts; fight analysis/predictions; various other questions. I am an experienced amateur boxing official with USA Boxing (14 years) and I have completed a yearlong professional officials` clinic with the California State Athletic Commission.

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