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Hi Joe,

My name is Jason i have been boxing for about 18 months now and it has been going quite well, i stick to my diet well and train hard, how ever i have just taken a new job on an oil rig on a 2weeks on 2 weeks off rotation and it seems to have set me back a bit,i don't feel as sharp or as fit when i get back on shore and back in the gym and i keep seeming to put on weight.
On the rig there is a well equipped gym and there is a wide variety of food but we can only really eat 3 main meals a day, rather than the 6 small meals I've been used to when I'm onshore.
and it leaves me feeling bloated most of the trip.
I just wondered if you had any ideas of what i should be eating for my meals to keep me full but not bloated? and if you have any good training routines(none boxing)i can be doing to try maintain my fitness or even boost it?

thank you Jason.

The thing that bloats you the most is probably the starches you consume.  Cut back on that stuff, and stick to mostly lean protein.  Intense shadow boxing is a great tool, and bodyweight type exercises such as pushups, pullups, dips, situps, etc.



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