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Hi, I'm Richard, 23 and started boxing when I was 14, stopped around 21 and competed as a lightweight in amateur boxing.

I was wondering, I want to start lifting and was wondering whats the max I should lift and how many reps and sets would be beneficial withough hindering my speed?

Hello Richard.

Sorry for the delay, I had a bit of new years family emergencies so I have not been checking all emails lately.

It is very difficult to tell a specific person "how much to lift" or at what fitness level to design a workout, for I don't know what kind of shape you are in, (highly trained athlete, long distance triathelete, or someone who is really out of shape and over-weight). The program for all would be different so I can only assume you are just getting back into working out after a bit of a lay-off.  

I would suggest a basic introduction weight workout, AND emphasize that lifting weights, coupled with educated stretching will NOT hinder your speed. The more relaxed (stretched) the are the faster you will be. That is why you can crack a limp, relaxed bullwhip much faster and harder than a rigid staff. Sprinters in their box before a race are striving to relax, get rid of all tension. Weight lifting does tend to "pump" the muscles and make the tighter, but if you stretch properly to maintain a full range of motion, than the added muscle and strength will not make you slower. There is no proof that getting bigger and stronger automatically makes your faster, beyond your full potential either. I think the best you can do is get into the best shape you can, use proper lifting and boxing technique, avoid injury if at all pssible and stretch properly after every exercise session.  I have posted some links for you below concerning weight training routines for boxers and martial artists.  

I hope this is help, again sorry for the late reply.  Best wishes for you personal goals.

Ross Enamait is THE source for fighter fitness training...

like this one....





Best idea is to join the Rosstraining site, get on the forum and talk with hundreds of competitive athletes in all range of sports and martial arts.


Alan Kahn
author, The Speed Bag Bible  


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