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I'd like to take up boxing as a hobby and for fitness and self defense at some stage, but some previous sparring at some white collar boxing classes made me realise that I have a very sensitive nose that bleeds or gets knocked out of place. So what I'd like to know is how much of a disadvantage would using a face saver be? Also, would it be frowned upon in some gyms and maybe seen as less manly etc? I am not looking to compete as an amateur or anything like that, just join a boxing club and spar a little bit for the benefits that sparring might give me. Also, in your opinion, is the Winning FG 5000 the best face saver? Thanks.

Your first step should probably seek the advice of a doctor as you may have a deviated septum or another problem that would affect you very much when sparring.  Title boxing as well as Ringside sell excellent face savers and the fit is most important to you not necessarily the model.



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