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Hi there,

My name is James and I am a amateur boxer I have won many boxing titles and i am reasonably successful but my combination punching isn't up to scratch and I would like to improve it I was wondering if you had any exercise to help also I find it hard to make weight I box at the 52kg weight class but often struggle to make this weight and advice on ethier subject would be a great help thanks

Hello James,

It's a lack of complete comfort throwing in combos. You need to train your brain to throw longer combinations so it becomes more second nature. This will allow you to throw with more confidence because you not thinking so much about it.
Two things.

Get in the habit of sparring some rounds where you never throw less than a 3 punch combination.

Also do this on the heavy bag on a regular basis. Eventually you'll throw combos without much thought.

The lighter weights are harder to manage once you are of adult age. The main thing is to not let yourself get too far out of range when you are not scheduled to fight. One week before weigh in you should be no more than 1-2 lbs over. These guys who are losing 5 pounds of water the night before weigh in so they can fight at 5 pounds over, leaves you too weak and unable to perform at top level. You don't want large weight swings.

No soft drinks 5 days before weigh in. Drink plenty of water. Don't eat before bed. Easy on the bread.

Good Luck  


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