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hello mr. kahn. my name is Andrew lopez an i'd like to know if two state identifications are just as god as two passrt id's to apply for licence contact

Hello Andrew,

I'm sorry but I am not exactly sure what kind of license you are talking about, but I will assume you are talking about registering as a boxer in the state of New York.

I don't really know the specifics of registration and competitive licensure in the individual states but here are some links below the may help. It appears to me that you will need to be registered with USA boxing ( you will find the listing below on this link)

The following Athletic Commission applications are available by contacting the State Athletic Commission at

DOS-0335 Boxer License Renewal Application
DOS-0336 Second License Renewal Application
DOS-0729 Announcer License Renewal Application
DOS-0730 Box Office Employee License Renewal Application
DOS-0731 CORP Treasurer License Renewal Application
DOS-0733 Judge License Renewal Application
DOS-0734 Manager's License Renewal Application
DOS-0735 Matchmaker License Renewal Application
DOS-0736 Referee License Renewal Application
DOS-0738 Ticket Taker License Renewal Application
DOS-0739 Timekeeper License Renewal Application

Contact NYSAC:

Melvina Lathan, Chairperson

New York State Athletic Commission
123 William Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10038

Telephone: (212) 417-5700
Fax: (212) 417-4987


From what I have seen most registrations for competitive sports require certified birth certificates along with a government supplied ID, such as drivers license or Passport in most cases.

You migth also seek an answer from people who are still involved in competitive boxing an you can find many of them in boxing forums online.  such as below

You will have to join the forums to participate but you will find plenty of folks who are registered and fighting in amateur boxing in them.

I hope this at least helps you find someone that knows more about the specifics of your question. Good luck in your boxing endeavors.

Alan Kahn
author, The Speed Bag Bible  


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