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John Wilkinson wrote at 2014-10-29 20:33:00
"Two" leaved me combobulated, speaking strictly "boxing". The other two phases are JUST FINE. [Try it, "two"..,,,I don't know what you could get out of it/but.....THAT'S IT/ Your Training is your time both for CONDITIONING as well as "experiment".] When I fought & in my own/"prime" I had ~devastating~ RIGHT HAND. I could COACH YOU their & *tactic I used. Pay attention. This is for TRADITIONAL BOXING/ I don't know ANYTHING about the others you mention. FRIEND OWNS a SCHOOL here. It is KARATE. FRIEND is "hugely proficient" & has some FABULOUS DEGREE BLACK BELT. I >would not< "challenge him" in HIS ART/ in the GYM /OR at the STREET. But/ my BOXING TOO/is IT'S OWN WORLD. If you "mix" YOUR STUFF w/ the BOXING...... You know what you are gonna get(?)/You are gonna get "deluted Boxing". Can >Boxing< help you at YOUR OTHER STUFF? Myself, I can't ANSWER that with CONFIDENCE [Why? No Experience]. [From Thailand quite a few KICK STYLE GUYS, go into the traditional boxing and are GOOD right away. I can SITE YOU 1 who won the world championship in only his third FIGHT. "Boxing"/it is RARE to see a "success story"/guy have ZERO amateur pedigree......but, too, CAN POINT YOU THEM OUT IN THE HISTORY. "Personal Prowess" count for a LOT!]

  My Right hand was a "natural gift"/in the mid-early 70's if you was in military in Europe/good chance you seen my-person "show-cased" at my (Awsome) best.

  I'd JAB. Not only JAB, but,, "Play the JAB". Get a RYTHEM on it. FLICK THE JAB HAND. Stop right there and PICTURE that SINGLE PUNCH ALONE. Now, realize that the left arm is a REACH to the NEXT BODY. And that is a hollow TUNNEL. That is >SPACE<////if your JAB was there/that means that your RIGHT HAND can occupy/fill that same VOLUMN of SPACE. I "pre-worked" this Exercise so that it was a complete effort. You too will need to find the "natural trigger". You wish to throw that RIGHT/ bomb w/every bad intention and to punch not only "at" the target but punch THRU the target. As soon as the left hand is leaving the RIGHT is filling void.

  If you can execute & you have "natural hvy"/fight will be over. Or, if not /you aren't me & you have your own "modern" predicament ["Ha, ha"!]

  Put a little "trigger" on that RIGHT hand. Now....I don't know YOU personally, but.. if you are a "generally good guy" & Socially respectable person/HOPE YOU HAVE GOOD CAREER & Great success! "Good luck." ~STEAL THE FIGHT~


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