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Hello , im training box/k1 for cca 1 and hal year but i've got a problem. I dont know if im scared , but im afraid to use my right hand ( im right handed) i mean i can harras anyone with my left hand but when it comes to engage im afraid to use my right hand so im just waiting for him to engage. If you could give me some advice how to overcome it (ofc if there is any advice) i would be thankfull :) Have a nice day , thanks for answering

Hello Trolstover,

There could be many reasons why you hestitate to throw the right. As you mention fear, that could be because you feel it is not strong enough, or perhaps there is a pain somewhere in the movement or on contact that you are not aware of, or you feel it is better to use it after the other fight "engages", with you.  I would offer three suggestions.

1), practice using it more and more on all the training bags and mitts. write down 3,4,5 punch combinations that are "right" heavy, such as right straight. left jab, right cross, left hook, right uppercut. Mix them up in many orders, but follow the order and make sure you must use your right.  

2), change your stance to put your right hand forward, as if in southpaw stance. Or whatever you need to do to put your right hand where your left normally is. Perhaps you have more confidence in your left because of where you hold it positionally - so put your right hand there.

3). Practice sparring with only One arm, your "right".  Strap the left down or train with a shirt and put your left arm inside the shirt so you cannnot use it. that spar with only your right, forcing yourself to have to engage with it, for it's the only one you have.  This is also a good exercise to help you learn to bob and slip punches that you might be blocking with the other hand (left) but now have to use movement to avoid.

I hope at least one of these exercises will help you, and good luck with your training. I know in time you will get it "right". !


Alan Kahn
author, The Speed Bag Bible  


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