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QUESTION: Hello Sir, I started boxing recently.I was taught basics of boxing and there was a throwing jab by moving forward.It remained a little doubtful for me.First of all i am right handed and i put my left food forward in my stance i think it is orthodox stance.And my coach taught me how to throw a jab while moving forward.He said when you jab with right hand move your left leg forward when left hand then right but i think it must be right leg for right hand jab, left for left hand jab.He said it for moving backward i throw left hand jab and move left food first then right and move right food backward but for forward it is contrary.could you clarify it please

ANSWER: Hello Azar,

Yes you are correct. It is backwards. As a righthander, you will step with your left foot and throw the left jab at the same time (if you were lefthanded you would do just the opposite, step with your right foot and jab with right hand).

As far as jabbing while moving backward, you move your right foot first and then throw the left jab. It's the only way you will have any leverage going backwards. You will see what I mean if you try to throw the left jab when you move your left foot backwards, it feels very awkward.

It was a good question because you don't want to get started with the wrong technique and have to correct it later.

Good luck and thanks for the question!

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QUESTION: Thanks for your quick reply.And one more thing I want to ask.This is about my boxing routine.I started it newly I am very new and learning basics.The club I attend has extra lessons like core training and functional training (each lasts one hour).Plus boxing is everyday at different hours.So i paid the club and can attend any hour any day i want.What do you think is 3 time boxing  a week enough for the time being and skip functional and core training for now?

ANSWER: Hello Azar,

Yes, you only need to train for boxing 3 days a week. It is easy to over train in boxing so stick to 3 days on the boxing. The core training is important to your boxing. If I understood correctly it doesn't cost any extra to take the core classes. So I would do 2 days (1 hour each day) of core training.  I would try and do the core training on the off days so you will have maximum energy for the class.  

Remember, don't think more is better. You need to find a good balance when training. Two days off is good for right now. You need to be fully recovered before each workout so you can perform your best. This is how you will improve the quickest.  Your off to a good start.

Keep up the good work!

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QUESTION: Thanks Sir for your quick and valuable answers.I really appreciate it.If you do not mind as a new starter I want to ask some more questions.
1.I heard that Tyson Roy Jones all did only calisthenics for strength.Is calisthenics best functional training for boxers?
2.I am a student and can not eat 3000-4000 calories a day.But I eat 2 eggs for breakfast oatmeal with milk and rice chicken potatoes for dinner.Is it okay to develop my stamina and to boost energy ?
3.If we divide boxing into levels like A1-A2-B1-B2-C1 can I be B2 in 9 months 3-4 time boxing a week?
4.You usually write in the end search on facebook amateur boxing what is that? I tried to find but couldn't


1. Yes you only need to do calesthenics in boxing. It's ok to lift,  but you have to keep an eye on your weight to make sure you don't start gaining and go over your target fight weight. Your looking to be the strongest and fittest you can be at your fight weight.

2. Don' t worry abour your diet or eating habits until you start getting closer to the open division. Let this be a gradual process. Your first 10 fights will not be effected by your diet. Just focus on training for now.

3. Not likely. I would consider that to be open level and you simply cant learn boxing that fast or get the fights necessary to advance. It normally takes about a year before you advance out of the novice division.

4. I have an amateur boxing page for coaches, officials and boxers. It is for upcoming events and making matches. Type amateur boxing in the search box and then send a request to join. I will grant your request.



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