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John wilkinson wrote at 2014-10-23 10:23:09

        First of all, even though you could SPEND YEARS developing yourself, STILL, "don't expect" to "easily get out of sticky situation"/but, feel "fortunate" when you do!

        I have 17 years boxing behind me. My "first line of defense" is simply to be "sweet & nice" with PEOPLE if it is possible. IF YOU DO BUILD YOURSELF UP/ "BELIEVE ME", their GOING-TO-BE "PERSONS"/YET who have capability to BURY >you< & >>me<< both! OFTEN THE STRONGEST really are the "sweetest People". Often yet NOT ALWAYS.  "People" tend to be Territorial. I feel more, "comfortable" in my HOME ENVIRONS that I do VISITING, for instance, The Bronx! Yet,  "Neighborhoods" are VSTLY DIFFERENT. Some "Social settings"/YOU WILL *NEVER SEE A, "FIGHT". But, their are OTHER AREAS, it's "dangerous".

         A person can "carry themselves" certain way. You don't wish to be "intimidating", yet, also, too, you WISH TO BE "COMPLETELY SERIOUS".

        NOW, you SAY of yourself that you are "slight". If you are "slight" as you say, IF SOMEONE >DOES< look to "push you", YOU CAN BE ASSURED THAT THAT INDIVIDUAL HAS A INFERIORITY COMPLEX /OR, is a Out & out "Bully". (You "think" same DUDE would do the same thing if Mike Tyson standing where you? No! Instead,  "best behavior" would come)

        If you LIVE in a Neighborhood such and such so-many YEARS, you aught to get to KNOW PEOPLE. "Knowing others" often is a Natural deterrent.

        Alan Khan gives YOU, "amazing Service" with what he provides you there. I can turn you onto >something< "SELF DEFENSE" for the STREET. "Boxing" normally takes SOME TIME to develop. FOR MY MONEY, do what you want with the Home videos but, YOU HAVE GOT TO "GO OUTSIDE". >You Absolutely must!<

        If you joint a boxing program it IS NOT going to be "easy" BELIEVE ME! But, "staying" is what will give you your eventual, desired goal of endurance.

Yes, you can "lean-up" with SOME TIME INVOLVED. [you also could try to GET A JOB ONE SUMMER ON A FARM ALL SUMMER! It will "do something recognizable" TO U!]

         I would talk to you personal life (WORK asf) plus have you talking to me personal but, I'm NEW here not sure of their, "politics"/yet! "Steady" is your FRIEND. You CAN NOT "change" in 24 hours. Your FIRST WORKOUTS WILL BREAK YOUR BODY DOWN. First three days, you'll "weakin'" before you Strengthen!

         Boxing "mostly is for Sport" not the >Street< but, " usually" "Strret fighter" in Trouble w/a boxer. But, you never really know until the "dust" has settled!

"They SAY" that boxing is only "educated Street Fighting"/ however/ IT IS MORE because we "practice" and are developing a  "motor skill".

         TRY THIS: using both index fingers place your both hands in the forward front of your CHEST. Point to each hand. Next start rotating your fingers in little circles. Try it one hand alone at first. Try the other hand. What we want to "coordinate" will be to rotate the fingers opposite directions at same time. TRY THIS. "Master it".

         You must "expose" yourself. You know how mom BIRDS > push< their YOUNG from the NEST (at a certain "age").

 Well, I wish I could talk to you further. This is rather a "Open" forum yet!

         "Arm wrestle" at HOME! SEAK out a YMCA. "Explore", even if it is only OUT SHOPPING.


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