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QUESTION: My daugther needs to loose 3 lbs over night to make weight what do you suggest

ANSWER: Hello, During 8 hours of sleep the average person loses 1 to 2 pounds.
As for the other pound or so I would suggest getting on a treadmill for about 45 minutes of running if you happen to be a member of a 24 hour health club like "snap" or "the rush". If not she will have to hit the streets for about 3 miles with a sweat suit on. And of course don't eat before the weigh in.

Good luck.

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QUESTION: My daughter made weight thank you unfortunately the opponent did not show, she got a walk over. Anyways know we are getting ready for another fight this Saturday 4/26/14. We know the girl is a brawler and comes forward all the time. What do you recommend as far as a game plan?

Thank you

ANSWER: Daniel,

Awesome!  I'm glad she made weight. Yea the old no show opponent, tends to happen a little too much.

I normally need to see the boxers at least spar or fight once beforehand but I can give you some tips based on what you said about her opponent.

If she is fighting a brawler that is aggressive, the worst thing she could do is move straight back. The girl is probably wide and wild with her punches so I would move to the side often and into her and smother, throw a quick inside combo and then step out SIDEWAYS not straight back.
She needs to box this girl and all her movement should be to the side and forwards. If the other girl is stronger than your daughter then once they come together your daughter should step to the side so she is not supporting the other girl's weight. If your daughter doesn't do this she will get tired twice as fast. And once she gets tired it will be harder for her to move and box.

Brawlers usually come out blasting and if they don't get a TKO or KO early they will get tired and settle down. Now your in charge. If she does make sure your daughter is using constant lateral movement but positively MUST KEEP HER HANDS UP DURING THE OPENING STORM. Wild punches might be ugly but they can stop a fight too. Once the girl punches herself out, your daughter can go into boxing mode.

best of luck!

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QUESTION: Once again thank you very much I owe you big time. I don't know if we would have beat that girl with out your advise. Everything happened exactly like you predicted, the other girl came out blasting she really wast that wild but she came straight forward with a lot of one two punches. She constantly went forward one thing I did notice is she did not throw a lot of combinations besides constantly going forward with a lot of one twos and no head movement. Anyways we are at the desert show down in Indio California and my daughters first bout is on Friday against the same girl. What do you suggest? You think she changed her stile after we beat her on a split decission thanks to you!


Awesome. Glad to hear she did so well.  

Remember, the girl lost the last fight doing what she does best. So if she changes something it's going to be something she's not comfortable doing and likely not very good at.

Your daughter will be fighting "plan B" not "plan A". So right off the bat your daughter will have the upper hand. (On a side note:  This is something I would tell your daughter near the fight. It will give her a boost of confidence. )

When someone doesn't throw combinations but instead just throws a barrage, it's usually a sign of very basic skills and way too pumped up and tight before the fight. So I'm not convinced they can change her abilities in the amount of time passed since the last fight. It is likely she will come out the same way. If so, don't change a thing.

If she comes out more calm and tries to lay back and box, this is where your daughter takes over the fight. Daughter controls all the action by throwing the first punch, don't wait. The girl is out of her element here. My guess is once your daughter hits her a few times the girl will charge out of frustration with the old style. If daughter is not throwing she needs to be showing lateral movement, otherwise this girl will do what she does best which is come straight ahead.  But daughter will not be there. The hands never come down. Lots of jabs with big right hands and then move. Stay busy, but lots of lateral movement at same time.

Good luck


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