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whos gonna win the Maywetaher fight in your opinion.Dont you think Mayweather has to fight more especially early and not be so defensive ?


I remember Mayweather from the amateurs and know his style and skill pretty well. He is a classic boxer and very technically sound. As a pro he has developed excellent defense. He has more of a total package than Pac.

Pac has good power and he applies pressure so you have to stand and fight him or run. But Pac is very sloppy.  His punches are wild and he's off balance a lot. He is not really a boxer but he is good street fighter and against the right opponent it works.

If Mayweather moves and boxes up on his toes, it will be a boring fight. Pac will just chase him around the ring all night and Mayweather will out point him.
But if Mayweather decides to stand and fight (the only reason he would do this is for the people who bought tickets and demand to see action) then it will be a good bout and plenty of action and might favor Pac.
It just depends on if Mayweather wants to fight and make it exciting or is he more concerned about giving himself the best chance to win even if the crowd hates him for not fighting.

By the way, I don't have a favorite so this is straight up my take on the fight.



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