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Dear Jack

I have always had a love of boxing, primarily watching it. After some personal problems i began suffering from depression and I looked to boxing to help me beat it. I trained with local amateur club and sparred a few times. I didn't like that particular club so I quit. While not boxing I felt so sad not getting close to having fights.

My dream is to have a pro boxing record of something like 10-0 against opposition with losing records, like 8-20 or 5w-30 losses. This sounds uninspired but I don't want to turn pro for money or fame, I just want something to be proud of and have made my depression a helpful experience that enhanced my life.

I'm 6ft and 81kg in good shape, how many amateur fights would I need to compete at pro level facing opponents with losing records for 4 rounds. Plus how are these fights organised and would I be required to pay this fighters to fight me?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated,

Kind Regards,


Your goal is one that many boxers have sought. There are plenty of guys that just want to accomplish the goal winning a few pro fights and not looking for fame and fortune. It's a personal thing that each person has different reasons for doing.

To make a decent run at 10 pro bouts you really need to get at least 25 amateur bouts. I mean it is possible to do it with less but there is a chance that at least one of those 10 guys is a big puncher. Even if he has no skill he could still catch you with a fight ending punch if you don't have a decent grasp on how to box before you turn pro. Mainly defensive skills. And it takes time to develop these skills. You fight a lot more often in the amateurs than you do in the pros so you can rack up fights quicker.

As far as how pro fights are organized, first you need to connect with a promoter at a boxing venue. Then he will match you accordingly. If you don't have much amateur experience he is going to match you with someone who has talent. This is why you need to get a respectable amount of amateur fights before going pro. Otherwise you will be matched with guys who have a long history of fighting and looking to use you to build their record.

You didn't mention your age but if you are in your 20's you have time. If your in your 30's then you better get rolling and make this happen before you get near 40. If your over 40 I would recommend against it. Developing even into a decent boxer takes years and if you turn pro in your 40's the industry won't take you serious.

I'm help this is helpful and gets you going in the right direction. I like to see people go after their dreams. But I want people to know the truth and what they are getting into so they make the best decision.

Good luck,


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