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Hi Jack,
My daughter is an amateur boxer. She has a very good strong jab and straight right. Also has a good left hook. The problem I see is that she gets in on her apponents and clinches/tighs up right away. How can I get her to work the body once she gets inside? I want her to throw hard hooks and upper cuts inside. Thanks

Hello Daniel,

You are right. She is doing the opposite of what she should be doing inside. Young boxers develop this idea that clinching is a good strategy. Usually from watching pro boxers, getting bad advice from someone around the gym or she simply doesn't have any confidence in her inside fighting ability so she takes the safe way out. She just needs to convince herself that she can do it. And she will with time.

First I would plant the seed in her head that as she moves up the ladder to regional and national levels that clinching WILL be called by the ref. Excessive clinching will cost you points and possibly disqualification. Tell her this is coming from the head coach of the southern national team and when you get to the nationals you simply do not see clinching. You are expected to either fight inside, defend yourself or move out.  Even though this is the mens tournament, the womens is officiated the same way.

She will need to get in the ring with a coach standing in the ring with them. They need to get in the center of the ring glove to glove inside and stay there. They are to throw inside combinations "half speed". This is drill not a sparring session. When she is not throwing her hands should be high and tight with elbows tucked in to ribs. Head shots are blocked with gloves and mid-section shots are blocked with arms. She's doing only two things, she's either throwing uppercuts and hooks in different combinations to the head and body or she is high and tight blocking. Do this every workout for 6 or 7 rounds a night.
In her head she currently thinks that as soon as she gets inside she needs to tie up. That has to change to fight or defend. This drill will help.
After a few sessions of this drill, have them back up and fight from the outside for a few seconds (half speed) and then come inside and do the drill. This is training her mind that this is the new strategy. After a few weeks have her start doing it in sparring sessions. Her coach needs to be right there...and if she goes inside and clinches he needs to say "stop! do it again" ....and he needs to stop every single time she does it.

Eventually she will break the habit. And when she does she will see the value of fighting this way. It will win her a lot more bouts down the road. She sounds like she has a lot of ability. Keep up the good work.



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