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I have watched boxing a lot when the 76 Olympic team moved through the pro ranks and joined the likes of Hagler, Hearns ect.

Seems as thought the sport died to an extent when they faded away. Was this the result of cable tv minimalizing exposure of the sport. The sport doesn't seem to have the prestige it once had. Now the Europeans have taken over a portion of the sport, particularly the heavyweights. Why does the Black population no longer produce the great athletes that they once did in this sport?    Your thoughts.

Hi Burt,
This is definitely a question in many peoples' heads.
There may be a couple of reasons for the declining prestige of boxing and lack of great boxing prospects.
One reason is that we have become a softer society in the US. This goes for the athletes and viewers. Athletes are not as hungry as they once were. Many have become comfortable and a lot of them lack the sheer will and drive that was prevalent before. Comfort leads to complacency. As for the viewers, people in the US have become more sensitive to what they perceive as violence. So you ask, why is UFC so popular then? The aggressive population started watching the UFC and it became a trend with big guys hitting their opponent on the ground. This catered more to the big guy at the bar who didn't really have any skill but liked to fight. Not to say that there is no skill involved, but it is a different game when you can cover up your face while on the ground as opposed to standing toe-to-toe with someone without ever going to the ground.
Lastly professional boxers get paid far less than other professional athletes. You can be a professional baseball player and sit on the bench all season for at least $100,000 paycheck. To make that kind of money in boxing, you must be at the 1-2% of the top guys.
If athletes can make more money not getting hit, well, that would be the smart thing to do.
It all comes down to viewers. If boxing does not have a viewership, the athletes don't get paid. A bit of a vicious circle.
Maybe the only way to bring boxing back is sale it as the "gentleman's sport". Have elitists watch it and make it cool and trendy. Something needs to be done for our great sport and hopefully the promoters can figure something out.

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