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I'm sure you have never had this ?, but years ago on Nick they would show animated Brady bunch commercials at night. On one they were making fun of the fact that there was no toilet in the kids upstairs bathroom and the ad was wondering where they did their business. This commercial showed animated Greg sitting on the clothes hamper " going to the bathroom". My husband and I have had an on-going disagreement for years about this. He's says I dreamed it that they would never put that on tv. Have u seen this or know where it could be found. I know what I saw. Lol. Help please!!!

Jenna- I can't believe that such a thing would be a commercial but I could definitely see such a thing as some type of parody . I also found it funny that you never saw a toilet in the show. The subject has come up on a number of shows that look back at the show and others like it. At that time (1960's -1970's) it was thought to be in bad taste to show things like that. Today it looks like nothing is off limits.


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