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What made the show an american classic despite having poor Neilson ratings and reviews?

Good question. I think there are a few reasons for such things. First , shows like the Brady Bunch are no longer around. Can you think of any shows that are really like it ? So the show is an oddity but in a good way. That makes it and other such old shows very popular. My sister for example loves the "Honeymooners" reruns and she is 28 and of course has never seen such shows today. Second, I think that the show represents a much simpler time and maybe a safer time . Today shows deal with things like drugs and crime, teen pregnancy and even terrorism . It is kinda nice to watch a show that deals with little issues like smoking and bad grades. The family dynamics are also important . On the show you had a very stable family unit . Today I hear that about half the kids come from broken homes or dysfunctional families. Such kids can escape their family life and for 30 minutes be a Brady . Lastly , the show is so dated that it is really funny . I hope this helped .


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I have seen every episode of this show at least 10x and have read just about any book I could find about the show. I think the show was great and I enjoy trivia about the show.

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