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The Brady Bunch/Brady Bunch episode with a sailboat?


I seem to remember there was a Brady Bunch episode that had sailing as a secondary storyline. e.g. Mike was quizzing the kids as to which side of the boat was port and which was starboard.  Could you tell me specifically what episode that was, and if you don't mind which Brady kid was not participating?  (I apologize if I have this wrong).

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Hi Amanda. There are actually two episodes that you could be referring to. One is from Season 4, Episode #80, titled "Law and Disorder". During this episode, Bobby was too busy being Safety Monitor to be bothered helping with the boat that the rest of the family was preparing for the high seas. The second is from Season 2, Episode #38, titled "The Coming Out Party". This is the episode where the Bradys were supposed to go out for a day of sailing on the boat of Mike's boss, Mr. Phillips. Instead, Cindy and Carol ended up having to get their tonsils out and the trip got postponed. I hope this information helped. Thanks for the question and have a great weekend!  Susan

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