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Jerry Rogers wrote at 2013-03-20 23:47:56
It happened quite a few times and often wondered myself...I think the above answer pretty much would explain's still a little odd to me...

Kc wrote at 2016-09-11 19:42:08
Yes! This does happen in many episodes! I just watched the episode where Alice is trying to figure out an old recipe and Mike slides across the seats and exits the passenger side car door. I read one theory that said it was common with bench seats. If you watch this episode notices the front seats are not bench seats, they are two separate bucket seats.

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I can answer about any questions regarding each of the main characters (including the pets!),the guests that have appeared on the series, the movies that came out in the 90`s, and even about the actors themselves (including their hit songs/CD). I remember all the episodes pretty much ver batum, and look forward to easing your mind with the answer to any trivia question you may have about the family that will always live in my home!


I am proud to say that I'm 31 and STILL watch as many reruns of the Brady Bunch as I can possibly catch! I love turning it on and knowing within the first 15 seconds which episode it is and even remember the particular lines of the characters. My love & obsession for the show has had me singing the theme song in karaoke on several occasions (in public places, no less), incorporating lines from the shows/movies into my everyday conversations, and has me staying up all hours of the night, just to catch another glimpse at the groovy family that warmed our hearts decades ago and will for many decades to come!

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