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atw3767 wrote at 2016-03-21 16:54:40

Not only do I have a copy of the original blueprints from stage 5 at Paramount where the series was shot, but I was also on the set during the reunion movie, in which the downstairs sets were duplicated. I'd be happy to send you a copy. The downstairs was, in fact, laid out just as you see it, end to end, including the office/den where Mike worked, with the downstage having 'wild' walls, with the yard and garage included. Upstairs only went slightly around the corner and then there was a set of wooden steps leading back down to the stage floor. The upstairs sets were on another soundstage.

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I consider myself a Brady maniac. I have seen each episode several times but I don`t know much about the 1990 series "The Bradys". I also give answers to questions never revealed on the show which are my opinion. Like where did the Bradys live. Want to know my opinion? Let me know and I will give you several facts that will stand behind my answer.

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