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Louise wrote at 2012-11-19 05:05:17
Just saw a building in Dubai shaped like a compact and another shaped likes a lipstick. Maybe Bebe was just ahead of her time!!!!

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If MENSA tested Brady Bunch trivia knowledge, I`d be sitting next to Sherwood Schwartz at next month`s meeting.


I have grown up watching The Brady Bunch, and thanks to TV Land, I still watch it every day. I have most episodes on VHS, and I am upgrading my collection as each season gets released on DVD. Anyway, send me that question that's been racking your brain. I'll help you figure it out so you can sleep easier tonight. If you stump me (and that's as rare as Haley's Comet), then I'll admit you got me and let you know as soon as possible so you'll have time to ask another expert and still have time to win the contest or bet that's riding on the answer.

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