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Hey doc I'm just wondering if you could answer some questions regarding an aunt, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in april biopsy was done it was inoperable she went on a regiment of chemotherapy and radiation which didn't help, she became terminal not much could be done, from June she was confined to her bed her right side being affected it eventually moved to her left side she used to curl her hands a lot, she would also talk a whole lot of nonsense became very attached to her husband towards september she developed a vaginal infection, she diabetic her glucose levels rose to 22 she was in a coma for 8 days she eventually came out of it then she began continually sleeping at this point she was not even talking she would open her eyes now and then she would communicate with her eyes or her lips I'm just wondering in this state is the patient aware of her surroundings can she hear? Does her thoughts emanate but she can't communicate? Today she was readmitted to hospital her glucose was 33 its now dropped to 21 at the momment she's not communicating at all its as if she's in a peaceful sleep even at this point is she aware of her surroundings? Can she hear us? I know at this stage she's close to her end she's 59 but I was just wondering the above. From her symptoms it sounds as if she has glioblastoma multiforme am I correct? Based on what I said how much time does she have left in your estimation? This is a first time I've witnessed such a thing in my family its very sad

To your - more or less philosophical - question if she is aware and can think and hear there is no answer since no one has been able to return from this state and tell us and as far as I know no one has done any research on these patients with EEG, functional MRI brain scans or functional PET brain scans though I suspect it is impossible for her at this stage. But I do not KNOW. Unfortunately you are quite right with regards to her prognosis. It is as bad as it can be. If she sleeps all the time her end is indeed near. I estimate her remaining survival time to be measured at most in weeks but due to complications she may pass away at any moment. Yes it is probable that it is a glioblastoma multiforme grade 4 (the worst). In this situation the care of her diabetes has in reality only academic interest. I'm sorry I have nothing better to tell you!

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