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Brain Tumors/symptoms consistent with brain tumor


Hello, I am 21 years old. let me start at the beginning, I can recall having these symptoms for a long time now, but they happened so infrequently that I didn't really pay any attention. This past week things seem to be getting more constant. Iv'e been experiencing blurred vision, headaches, nausea and trouble thinking clearly. firstly vision blur) My vision seem to be in and out of focus, also my eyes don't seem to react to changes in light very well, and I see flashing lights every now and then. I do wear glasses. Secondly headaches) consistent to what I've read online my headaches seem to worse at the beginning of they day and get better as the day goes on. Bending over seems to make them worse. However they seem to be getting progressively worse and constant, the worse one being right now as I type this, it's 9:17 pm here. They do seem a little tough to localize, however they always come from the top of my head. Thirdly nausea) I've only felt a little nauseous up until now, this headache is making me fell very nauseous, I've almost felt like vomiting. Fourth) I find it more and more difficult to think clearly, and to think of the words to say or stumble through my speech. Fifthly) I've had a little balance trouble at times and my hands and feet have been feel tingly a lot more than usual.

I did have my wisdom teeth removed 3 weeks ago, and I thought that was causing the headaches at first, but I recovered very quickly from that surgery.

like I said before all these things do seem to be getting progressively worse. So based on my symptoms what do you think, I know without an MRI or CT its impossible for you to know, but I would greatly appreciate any insight you can give me.


If your symptoms have been going on for a LONG time a dangerous brain tumor is less likely. But without an examination I can not guarantee anything. So I have to suggest that you let a doctor (best a neurologist) check you. That doctor can also - if needed - order a CT or an MRI (best) brain scan or both. Good luck!

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