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My son has been diagnosis with  left temporal lobe grade 4 glioblastoma the size is 4.1 cm - 2.1 cm -3.4 cm. He has MRI every year for NF1 and when he went in this year, they discovered the tumor. They have ruled surgery out because of the chance of leaving him blind, unable to talk and effected his motor skills. We were talking to the Oncology, she said that radiation would effect his eyes and speech. She said that it was a 10% she could control the tumor. My son does don't want to take radiation or chemo. He say he find, strong, talking, and he can still see. It has effected his eye a little already. What do you think?

His tumor is too big for stereotactic radiation therapy. Without surgery conventional radiation therapy & chemotherapy will have only limited effect. So if surgery, as it seems to be, is out of the question treatment is in reality impossible. Su unfortunately I have to agree with his doctors. I'm sorry I have nothing better to tell you!

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Brain Tumors

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I`m a doctor of medicine and specialist in radiation therapy and medical oncology. I have a long time experience of these tumours.


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Doctor of medicine, specialist in medical oncology & radiation therapy.

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