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My husband had a liver transplant and a week later he had a seizure. Our Dr's found he had a mass on his brain. After removing a tumor a little larger than a golf ball, my husband was diagnosed with stage 1V Melanoma. My husband does have an enlarged lymphoid under his right arm. We are having a tough time because of the resent Liver transplant. The Dr's think he has some brain damage. I know his prognoses is not good but no one will tell me what I'm looking at. Can you give me any hope?

Unfortunately not much. He has a stage 4 malignant melanoma that has spread to his brain. That is about as bad as it can get. There are some new chemotherapy agents that has some effect on this and also some immunotherpy agents. But his liver transplant does not make this easier. No guarantees are unfortunately possible.

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Brain Tumors

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