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Brain Tumors/brain tumor or not


several times a day i feel like my lower lip shrink for 2 or 3 seconds then it comes back to normal i feel it like it shrink for some seconds then comes back normal
and i think it is the right side of my lower lip
can that be a brain tumor
i Remember a ct scan i got 3 years ago which came back normal
im 28 years old

ANSWER: Early brain tumour symptoms are rather vague. So most things are possible here. So to be on the safe side let a neurologist check you Good luck/bonne chance!

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

ok i went to my family doctor and told him about my symptoms and that im worry about a brain tumor
causing my symptoms
sudden spasm that i feel in my lips several times a day and in each time it last 2 to 3 seconds
and in these 2 to 3 seconds it occurs 1 time only Not frequently
and sometimes in my left cheek

and he said
i dont think a brain tumor will grow in that small amount of time and start causing these
symptoms very unlikley
and he said it is just stress a brain tumor will cause more serious symptoms

i told him that i read on the internet that facial tics is a common symptom of a brain tumor
and he said
facial tics is a
Repeated, uncontrolled spasm-like muscle movements

but when you get it  it occur only once not repeated and it only last 2 to 3 seconds

so i dont think it is a facial tics ?

what do you say im in a lot of anxiety
like i said my ct scan 2 years and 7 or 8 months ago was negative
but it was due to other symptoms
im 27 years old
no history of brain tumor in my family

also i feel these days i get it less (better) but i dont khnow

Such tics - often nervous - are quite common and have most often nothing to do with brain tumours. I agree with your doctor that it is very unlikely that a brain tumour big enough to create these symptoms could have grown in your brain in such a short time (since your last CT scan, the number of such scans over such a rather long time also indicates that it is unlikely that a brain tumour causes them).

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