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I have a simple question
im having some strange symptoms from a 3 months until now
I visited some doctors all of them believe it's just anxiety

my main question
yesterday I went to an eye doctor for an eye exam
optic nerve is ok and normal
eye pressure is ok
eye health is ok

i read on the internet a brain tumor will make an increased pressure within the skull so the optic nerve will swell.

because im having symptoms from a 3 months (maybe anxiety as doctors said) i thing the tumor will be a big enough to swell the optic nerve

by my eye pressure and my optic nerve ok and normal

can i be at least 50 or 60 % sure that i don't have a brain tumor
i khnow i cant be sure 100 % that i don't have a brain tumor just because my optic nerve is ok but as i said can i be at least 60 % sure that i don't have it.
i khnow you will said take an mri but for now i cant because all of my doctors said It's Not Necessary so i cant pay for it.

Yes an MRI would solve the problem nicely but if all people with anxiety had MRI brain scans the radiology departments with MRI equipment would be flooded with people and not have time for anything else. If your problems were caused by a brain tumor for the last 3 months it is quite probable that it would cause swelling of your optic nerves. Since there is no such swelling your risk of having a brain tumor is diminished to the same degree. Based on that fact alone I doubt very much that you have a brain tumor. OK? Good luck!

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