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My fiance passed away last month. He had done 6 chemo treatments for esophageal cancer with mets to his liver and lungs. After finishing chemo esophageal tumor was worse and scans showed 7 brain tumors and one at the top of his spine. He did 10 radiation treatments to his brain and esophagus. He had 2 chemo treatmenta with  a different drug after finishing radiation. He had a peg tube Nd hadnt swallowed real food in a month but was getting twice reccomended amountof supplement via peg tube. He was too weak to walk, get to the bathroom, or sit up on his own. The night befor he died he had a bit of a rattle when he breathed. It just started that day. He couldnt reax without magnifing glass with his contacts. He couldnt talk that night. He had been sleeping all day every day for ten days. Also he had severe diarhea and was wearing diapers. His peg tube had something odorless but looked like his feces that i kept cleanin off him whwn i changed his diaper. My question is- What was the nail in the coffin? Shoud we have expected him to die when he did? We were still undergoing chemo so we were still fighting. His death certificate reads 'inatition' or that he starved to death as the immediate cause of death. Did he starve even though he was takin in so many supplements via peg tube? Is there something I could have done differently to save him? Did radiation to his brain kill him? And lastly, if I was asleep in the bed with him when he died, and I didnt get woken up, does dying silently mean he wasnt in pain? If his eyes were open, did he wake up and then die? Or is it probable that he died in his sleep?
Thank u so much. I an having a really hard time with thus and more knowledge would truly help me to feel a lil less unsure about everything...

I am sorry to read about his and your problems! First of all it was his esophageal cancer that killed him. Everything you have told me about must be considered to be caused by his cancer.! Not only had it spread to his liver and lungs and was growing in his esophagus but it  had also spread to his brain and his spine! The 7 tumors in his brain and one in his spine that you mention do indeed indicate that! There was nothing you could do that could prevent his death! The radiation did not kill him, it probably as intended slowed the growth of his mets in his brain but not enough. The same can be said with regards to his chemotherapy. Honestly, there is at present no known method to cure a case like this with certainty. So you do not have any responsibility for this at all! Nor do his doctors! They did what they could. But his cancer was just too aggressive! I am sorry for your loss!

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